The MRT Announces Agreement with Beacon

The Mobile Repair Team (MRT) announced that it has signed an agreement with Beacon, the maintenance coordination platform built to unlock teams’ productivity and leverage data in the aviation services industry. The partnership is focused on onboarding the MRT’s maintenance teams into Beacon’s multi-sided platform to improve coordination among their mobile teams and with other stakeholders including operators. By joining Beacon, The MRT is expecting to gain efficiency throughout their repair process and respond faster to maintenance requests from operators.

Beacon is the maintenance coordination platform for faster return-to-service. It is an innovative platform designed to connect and synchronize industry resources, the aftermarket supply chain, and aviation services professionals in a more agile and efficient way to keep aircrafts flying. Beacon aims to unleash high-value interactions and business opportunities to multiple stakeholders within the service ecosystem. The platform is initially focused on providing solutions to unscheduled aircraft maintenance interruptions.

The Mobile Repair Team offers worldwide structural repair support for its fleet of business aircraft. Striving to provide superior customer service while helping their customers reduce significant costs, MRT is joining Beacon’s platform to empower their mobile teams to achieve a faster return-to-service, as they continue to grow their customer base across the globe.

The MRT’s strategy is to run all maintenance cases through Beacon to replace all informal communication channels with a single and compliance-ready one to facilitate an agile flow of information and an easier handoff over shift turnovers. Moreover, The MRT will significantly reduce the time spent on coordinating technicians and other stakeholders during maintenance cases by focusing mostly on high frequency events which represent about 70% of the total number of interruptions.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Beacon and the global EmbraerX initiative. MRT sits in the forefront of a very dynamic and demanding market segment, and for this reason, the full experience, the detailed transparency at every step of the process and its full integration is a game changer for the MRT solution. Beacon is a market disrupting method that will bring great effectiveness to the MRT portfolio of return to service options. Our evaluation process has paved the way for a very powerful impact to market and we very much look forward to exploring further Beacon use within our other group companies also”. Said Chris Creutz, Director, MRT.

Commenting on the agreement, Marco Cesarino, Head of Beacon, said: “We are thrilled to welcome MRT to our platform and support them in getting ahead of the game. Our mission is to help MRT gain competitive advantage in our ultra-demanding industry. With Beacon all stakeholders working on interruptions are getting back time and energy that today is wasted due to inefficient coordination and old technologies. The benefits of using Beacon, are not only about better performance and faster RTS times but also customer satisfaction and profitability.”

With this agreement, Beacon is bringing together more players of the ecosystem into its platform so they can collaborate better and smarter for accelerating return-to-service. Beacon is continuing serving all kinds of aircraft and strengthening the benefits of technology as means to cut through complexity and facilitate collaboration in an industry that is ripe for digital transformation.

Developed by EmbraerX, Embraer’s market accelerator for disruptive businesses, Beacon is an innovative platform that connects operators, maintenance services, and mechanics in a more agile, collaborative, and efficient way, ensuring the rapid return of aircraft to service. Benefiting from a startup mindset and Embraer’s 50 years of experience, Beacon opens a new digital era in aviation maintenance services. Based on network connections, Beacon brings a new dynamic to the maintenance and services ecosystem, being capable of serving any manufacturer, anywhere.